miércoles, 23 de julio de 2014

MariaDB & PHP

This last days I had been very busy reading the book "Building a Web Application with PHP and MariaDB: A Reference Guide" that the company PacktPub gave me in order to evaluate and write an article giving my opinion.

To be honest, I normally install MariaDB or MySQL as a database motor and I use it from PHP, but I never have had the oportunity to be so close of this database and how to handle it from PHP.

For me an essential book, where deals with all the details about connection and the sentences that allow us all kind of handle over the tables of the database. With variety of samples and very well documented, dealing with the current version of PHP most extended, the 5.3, and mentioning the differences between more modern version of PHP. For me a very good approach dealing with all the versions, and making this book an updated book of this subject, preventing the obsolescence that occurs with this kind of publications.

MariaDB&PHP sample page

The PDF is amazing to read, in terms of its quality, however, I have to say that I’m not a fanatic of ebooks, no for this kind of technical publications, I prefer always a physical book. But I have to recognize that the PDF has a excellent aspect and its reading is confortable on(in) a laptop or on(in) a tablet.
I can’t say the same to the epub format that I’ve had access to. On a very big mobilphone (with a screen of 6.4 inches) I've had very troubles with the reading of the source code parts.

MariaDB&PHP sample source page

From my own point of view, as an author, I have to recognize the quality of PDF, and I imagine that the printed book should be better. But epub leaves much to be desired

Anyway, a book very recomendable for people that want to start in the mariadb+php, o for who already are working with this tandem, stay updated with all the details that I’m sure we don’t knows in the whole totality.

If you want to purchase this publication you can go to here http://bit.ly/1qrqMQx (http://bit.ly/1qrqMQx). Also in these places:

I’m looking forward to receiving your comments, in order to see if our opinions coincide.

If you want to see this post in spanish.

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